Floris Felix was born and raised in Haarlem, the Netherlands. He moved to Paris in 2006 to pursue his career as a fashion illustrator and artist. During his time in France, he collaborated with luxury fashion brands like Viktor&Rolf, Mugler and L’Oréal – and with upcoming designers. Floris Felix’ illustrations have always inspired him to discover and master new techniques.

Aside from the fashion illustrations, the artist also uses these techniques on his large pen drawings and oil paintings, which are a direct translation of his own personal experience, emotions, growth and energy. They represent different times in the artists life, the places he lived and the people he connected with. You’re able to notice these references in the material and the dimensions of his paintings. The transition from paper to canvas, and back to paper gives you a glimpse of Floris Felix’ physical journey in the past years.

The artist and his work have been featured in several publications over the past years. And his oil paintings have been shown on exhibitions in Amsterdam, Miami, New York and Paris. His work has also been on display in galleries in Greece and at Art Basel in Miami. At this moment Floris Felix is hosting his own exhibition in the Netherlands. His entire collection is currently on display in an exclusive gallery in Haarlem.

Floris Felix: “Moving from working on my illustrations to one of my big paintings can feel like a place of refuge. It’s easy to get lost in the big mass and natural movements. But I also love going back to illustrating and seeing my girls again. These little ladies have really supported me through the years and gave me the courage to show my work. It took a while longer to share my oil paintings with the world; they represent a very intimate part of myself.”

Floris Felix